magpie 0.1.0


First and foremost, thanks to everyone who helped build this release. You can see the list of contributors here.

New Features

Star / Unstar Notes

Starring a note will put it at the top of the list of notes in the right side menu. Starred notes are sorted alphabetically. Notes that haven’t been starred are also sorted alphabetically, but appear underneath the sorted list of starred notes.

Starred notes are stored in cookies, so if you use more than one device to access magpie, and you don’t sync your browser data, starred notes won’t move with you.

Choose Listening Address

In magpie’s config, you can now specify what address magpie listens on, rather than just localhost only, or all addresses. To listen on all address now, set the IP to

Unicode Notebook / Note Names

You can now create notes and notebooks with unicode in their names. Unfortunately, there appears to be a bug with colons in filenames.

Config Locations

In addition to the location inside the magpie install, and ~/.magpie, if you have a config file in the directory you launch magpie from, magpie will read from that config file, instead of the other two. The order of preference is:

  • . (current working directory when you launched magpie)
  • ~/.magpie
  • /<path to magpie install>/config/

Bug Fixes

Can’t launch magpie / Sphinx error

Sphinx was causing problems for some people. Since it is only a requirement for building the documentation, it was removed from requirements.txt, so it should no longer be an issue (magpie will no longer try to install it when you pip install magpie).

Potential / Known Bugs

  • As noted above, magpie doesn’t seem to like colons in notebook names or note names.
  • Neither of the utils has been updated with unicode support. They may or may not continue to work. Please open an issue if you are using either of them, and 0.1.0 breaks something for you.